Q : To which countries have you exported your furniture products ?

A : We export our furniture to many countries around the world. To the USA, countries in Europe, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries.

Q : Do you sell furniture wholesale ?

A :Yes, we do accept wholesale orders on many of our products.

Q : What is the minimum order ?

A : There is no minimum order quantity. Please note that the larger your order quantity the more discount we can give.

Q : How do I place an order ?

A : We can process orders by phone, or by email.

Q : Average Delivery Time ?

A : 2 – 3 Months after the order is confirmed. Please note that we can reduce the delay to one month for a small order.

Q : What are your payment terms?

A : Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), down payment 50%, the balance when the order is finished.

Q : Does Teckococo accept major credit cards?

A : Yes. We accept credit card payments from Visa or MasterCard.

Q : How can I order custom furniture ?

A : We need a sketch or drawing of the furniture and the dimensions. Or the code of the existing product that you want to customize and the new dimensions.

Q : What are the finishing options available ?

A : We have many options of color that you can choose.

Q : Can you help me manage the packing and shipping details of my order ?

A : Yes, we can. We can help you, and we can give you a cargo company's contact in Bali.